Date: JULY 23rd, 2017

Community Survival Day

Improving the Quality of Life

Bethesda Ministries CDC is committed to providing programs that emphasize literacy, technical and non traditional job skills. Our community based advocates are experienced and proven professionals.

Community and Family

Economic Prosperity Center


3101 North 34th Street, Tampa, FL, 33605 United States

* Employment Placement & Career Improvement

* Financial Counseling & Coaching

* Integrated Service Delivery 

* Debt Reduction

Economic Self Sufficiency

Bethesda Ministries CDC provides many family and community services that benefit you. Services range from financial independence to technology education, from parenting to gang prevention.

Mission of Bethesda Ministries CDc

Bethesda Ministries CDC

Tampa, Fl.

The Mission of the Bethesda Ministries CDC is to improve the economic, educational and social status of the disadvantaged by creating opportunities for economic self-sufficiency.